Transwater Asia
Separation Technology
Established in 2004, known earlier as M/S Lotus Insulation Services.
Currently innovated “High Efficiency Ion-Exchange Systems” & “High Efficiency Filtration Systems” for water & waste water systems.

Who We Are?

We are highly experienced team of engineers, in the field of water & waste water treatment. We have knowledge of current technologies in the field of water treatment, with their advantages & disadvantages. Innovative, Result oriented approach, for long-term water treatment solutions & services are our objectives. Our innovations are well backed up with financial support with professional investors.

Innovation in water treatment:

Our 50+ years’ combined experience in the water treatment field, lead us to develop most simplest solution to the malfunctioning of the various internals systems used in the Ion-Exchange & filtration units resulting in higher chemical consumption & waste volume generation. This new technological developments can be applied in the resin / media columns or pressure vessels used for fluid processing.

Our “Flow Modulation Techniques For Fluid Processing Units” (Indian & International Patent Pending) & “An Improved In The Nozzles/Screens Used In The Fluid Processing Units” (Indian & International Patent Pending) used in the fluid processing units yield results close to their theoretical values! Our “High Efficiency Ion-Exchange Systems” involves dedicatedly designed internals systems to achieve near perfect hydraulics required.

Large water treatment units suffer (such as utilities in Thermal Power, Petrochemicals, Refineries & Fertilizers Plants) more, as hydraulics malfunctioning is greater in the treatment vessels with higher diameter. We follow international standards (such as ASME, IS codes etc.) for vessel designs to meet clients requirements.

Our Services – For New & Current Water Treatment Facilities

Utilities – Water &Waste Water Treatment &Cooling Tower Water Recycle
• “Super Filtration”units for raw water & waste water treatment units.
• High efficiency “Ion-Exchange Units” as simple “Plug-inn” for large size projects (new units).
• Retrofit / revamping services for existing water treatment units - Filtration Units, Ion-Exchange Units, and Membrane Units.

Turnkey water treatment projects based on:
• Media Filtration
• Resin Technology (Ion-Exchange Units)
• Membrane Technology (UF, RO, EDR)
• Retrofit / revamping of existing water treatment units.
Special treatment based on: Resin & Membrane separation technologies
• Organics (TOC) removal using – scavenger resin technology.
• Pesticides traces removal – using adsorption resins.
• Any pharamceutical, dairy, food & chemical separation application – for which known resins are available (Pilot testing services for such applications).

Turnkey water treatment projects based on:
• Media Filtration units for raw water treatment.
• Utility water softening plants.
• Waste Water Recycle – Tertiary Treatment Solution.

Transwater Asia
Separation Technologies

High Efficiency Ion-Exchange Units
High Efficiency Filtration
Separation based on resin technology
Waste Water Recycle

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